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Urban Dash Participants


Why the urban dash is fun for everyone?

The Urban Dash is a corporate event based event that has been designed to assist in team building, leadership skills in communication, listening, and most importantly, teamwork! Ideal as an alternative to the end of year work Christmas Party, or as a mid year team building exercise. We also cater for schools!! The courses are designed with a range of challenges including - general knowledge quizzes, physical challenges, cryptic clues, with a healthy dose of abstract reasoning thrown in for good measure! This truly is for all ages and any fitness level. If you can walk, you can do the Dash!!

All Ages - All fitness levels.

You don’t need to be an athlete to complete the Dash. Courses are designed to be completed with the pace of a brisk walk. It’s not the fastest, rather the smartest that will win the Dash.

Tailor made Urban Dash events.

Yes we’ve already created a selection of Dash’s that are ready to go but if you’re looking to add an element of personality to create a Dash of you’re own, we can do that too. We are only limited by imagination.

Urban Dash for all seasons.

Don’t let a little weather stop you! We run our Urban Dash events every Month of the year. We’re ready to host your event today. So what are you waiting for?

About Us

The first Urban Dash started out way back in 2011. What began as an alternative Christmas party for 24 school teachers at Paddington public school, has now grown to an event that can cater for up to 200 people, and is run throughout Sydney and Melbourne. Our initial focus was to provide teams of office workers a way to get outdoors and challenge themselves with both physical and mental obstacles, in a fun and exciting environment. We have stayed true to this focus and are constantly updating each course with new and improved challenges to keep that energy alive and ensure that every participant walks away with wanting more.

What dash will you choose?

The Basic
Urban Dash

It all starts here! The Dash requires each team to unscramble cryptic clues to find specific locations and complete challenges around the city.



2.5 Hours
20 - 100pax

From $50pp

The Urban Dash 'Challenger'

Our most popular Dash by far! Your entire group meets at a central location and must complete a group challenge for the game to begin. Each team will ten be required to code break cryptic clues as they make their way through the city.

3.5 Hours
20 - 200pax

From $65pp

The Ultimate
Urban Dash

With this Dash, it’s not just the clues you need to find but the people who may be in possession of each clue. Is it the couple having a coffee in the cafe or the tourists taking selfies in front of a landmark? This Dash completely immerses you in the action.
3.5 Hours
30 - 100pax

From $85pp

Will your team be
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Organise your own dash today.

Each event is tailored to your company and we can organise an Urban Dash to suit all groups from 20 to 200 people.